“If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.”

Romans 14:8

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  1. Fallen hero. Thank God for a life well spent, you imparted so many life, What a great loss to the entirely association and my city, Igbara oke.sleep on

  2. Papa Israel Folorunso was a man of peace, he was known for cracking appropriate hilarious, lines, jokes and tales at meetings and congregations to the extent you would forget the much you had stayed. He would usually open and close his speeches with initiation of laughter. ASAN NIAS will greatly miss his leadership style. Rest in peace sir

  3. I , Mr Raymond Isiadinso, on behalf of myself and family, my entire management and staff wish to commiserate with the families of our late president and torch bearer of our association – Prof FA Adu.

    We cherish every moment of your life but God loves you most and have withdrawn you for a higher and better works in the heavenly realm.

    May you continue to sleep in the bossom of your creator till we meet to part no more- Amen!

  4. Your good deeds will speak on earth ages after your departure, they will speak even louder in heaven. May God rest your soul at His bossom, amen.

  5. Your smiles, your jokes and quotes will be missed by all. You lived a life worthy of emulation. Rest on at the bossom of our Lord Jesus till we meet to part no more. Adiue Peof Adu.
    Emmanuel Naandokol for ASAN/NIAS Plateau State

  6. Your smiles, your jokes and quotes will be missed by all. You lived a life worthy of emulation. Rest on at the bossom of our Lord Jesus till we meet to part no more. Adieu Prof Adu.
    Emmanuel Naandokol for ASAN/NIAS Plateau State


    The Class of 1972 at the Department of Animal Science, University of Ibadan (UI), has 8 graduating students in its Animal Science sub-set, distinct from the Animal Nutrition & Biochemistry group, which was the other sub-set. Folu (as we called Israel Folorunso Adu), Dayo Sofoluke, Ekpo, Pandey, myself and two others constituted that class. We had great lecturers – Baba Oyenuga, G.M. Babatunde, Olaloku, Almut Dettmers, Jorgen Steinbach, Ogunmodede, Ngere, and others, a star-studded field.
    Folu, myself and other postgraduate students were drafted to join the inaugural conference of the Nigerian Society of Animal Production (NSAP) at the UI Conference Centre in 1973, a credit to Prof. Oyenuga and his team who instinctively sowed us as seeds for the future, a lesson for present-day academic leaders. One of those seeds, Folu, yielded bountiful harvests decades later: President of NSAP, founding member of Animal Science Association of Nigeria (ASAN) and President, Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS). Along the way, he was also Vice-Chancellor of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), during which period he hosted several strategic meetings that birthed ASAN and NIAS.
    As a portion of the Bible says, if I were to write everything noteworthy that Folu did, a thousand-page book may not contain it. He was not just a colleague he was a brother and fellow traveller on these professional highways: UI, National Animal Production Research Institute (NAPRI), FUNAAB, NSAP, ASAN, NIAS, Church Ministry, and so on. Leaving behind a wonderful family, friends and colleagues, his legacies will remain evergreen. Bye, good friend: You have done well. Rest in perfect peace.

    Olusegun Osinowo

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