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Haematological and biochemical responses of starter broiler chickens fed copper and probiotic supplemented diets

 Oguntoye, M.A.  Akintunde, A.R.  Ayoola, A.A.  Ogundele, M.A. Odetola, O.I         pp 173-182                                   Download Abstract


Assessment of microbial profile of selected proprietary broiler chicken feeds sold in Abeokuta, South-West, Nigeria

Alabi, J.O.  Fafiolu, A.O.  Akande, F.A..  Oluwatosin, O.O.  Sogunle, O.M.  Dada, I.D.  Adeleye, O.O.  Olagoke, K.O.         pp 183-190

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Effect of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) supplementation on the growth performance, haematological and serum biochemical parameters of broiler chicken

 Lawrence-Azua, O.O.  Awe, A.O.  Saka, A. A.  Okotie, U. J.  Awodele, O. A.  Isegbe, E. I.    pp 191-199                    Download Abstract


Effect of feeding some evergreen tropical browse plant leaves on performance, digestibility and economic analysis of growing rabbits

 Abejeshi, I.M.  Okwori, A.I.  Shaahu, D.T.  Enaku, O.O.                   pp 200-211                                                                Download Abstract


Effect of water electrolyte supplementation on performance, serum and haematological indices of broiler chickens under heat-stressed conditions

 Adeyemo, G.O.  Sulaiman, A.K.  Tanimowo, D.A.  Longe, O.G.                                      pp 212-219                                Download Abstract


Effects of chemical composition and type of panelists on sensory properties of fried minced meat (Dambun nama) processed from red and white meat

 Balarabe*, S.  Doma, U.D.  Kalla, D.J.U.                                  pp 220-228                                                                               Download Abstract

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